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Hungant Leather gloves

Târgu Mureş, Romania has an almost 200-year tradition in leather gloves manufacturing.
Records indicate that glove making started at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Ranko family built a factory of European renown here. After World War II the nationalized leather gloves factory became of global importance. After the privatization of 1995 Hungant Ltd was founded by a group of experienced and enthusiastic professionals. Our main goal is to respect the tradition of high quality gloves manufacturing.

From the traditional technology we kept the most important element: the hand tailoring of our gloves.

Our experienced professionals shape the leather with the utmost care, so the results are high quality comfortable leather gloves. Our gloves are mainly manufactured of nappa leather and sheepskin, but at the request of our customers we work also with deerskin and goatskin leather. The high quality leather is the prerequisite of good quality leather gloves so we buy our raw material from renowned producers from Italy, England, Ethiopia, New-Zealand, Finland and the United States of America. When choosing our suppliers besides the quality criteria the environmental factors are also taken into consideration.
Our small factory with a staff of 40 people produces annually around 50,000-60,000 pairs of gloves. Our free capacity is covered with lease-work. Among our gloves there is a wide range of styles from those more traditional to the ones that follow the latest fashion. We also manufacture driving, riding, bicycle and motorcycle gloves.

Our gloves are mainly manufactured for export but we are also present on the internal market. Our customers come from Austria, Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary and Russia, and they always return for the familiar high quality HUNGANT gloves.